Sand Harbor Evening Picnic (June 25)

The Sierra Nevada Region club enjoyed an evening picnic at Sand Harbor on a beautiful warm June 25 evening, in the Ramada Group Area. The weather couldn’t have been better and the resident ground squirrels left us alone. It was a bit of a challenge getting the table clothes to stay on with the breeze off the lake, but we were able to get them nailed down. The adjacent parking  reserved for the Ramada Group Area was convenient to keep an eye on our Porsches and to admire the Porsches others had brought.  Tom and Sandy Provasi, Peter and Susan Smith, and several others brought munchies for all to share before dinner. The Peter Smiths were pleased to offer margaritas to any fans of this libation that were present, the Ozzie Smiths among them. A couple of our junior club members spent most of their time in the lake, until they turned nearly Tahoe blue.

When it was time for dinner we lined up buffet style to pile our plates high with pulled pork, pulled chicken, cold slaw, brisket, and assorted desserts. No one complained they didn’t get enough to eat!

Interesting side note: Early on, while we were setting up, a fellow came by and unplugged the electric dutch oven we brought to heat the chicken and pork, in order to inflate a half dozen water floats for his family. We were quickly able to plug the oven back in when we pointed out a few more electrical outlets that could be used for that job.

Thanks to new (to our region) club members Peter and Susan Smith for hosting this event and to our social chair Debby Hertel for suggesting and arranging this event. I’m sure we’ll repeat this event many times in future years.

Thanks to our president Millie Smith for buying, cooking and pulling all that chicken and pork and for making the cold slaw. Thanks to Peter Smith and Debby Hertel for manning the cones at the entrance to parking area to admit our club members.