Dustoff Tour 2021, April 17

The club’s first tour of 2021, our annual Dustoff Tour, was a sell out. Originally scheduled for 40 participants, our tour hosts (Pete & Carol) were able at the last minute to convince the Heyday Inn in Wellington to accommodate 45 club members for lunch and we were able to add another 5 members to the tour. We gathered at the McDonalds on Mount Rose Highway at 9am Saturday April 17 and after a driver’s meeting set off toward Geiger Grade Rd (341) and Virginia City.

Halfway to Virginia City on Geiger Grade Rd we stopped briefly at the flats to make sure we had all 24 Porsches in a line before we continued on into Virginia City, and from there down through Gold Hill and Silver Hill until we reached Hwy 50.

Once we had all made the left turn from 341 onto Hwy 50 we headed Northeast through Dayton, Stagecoach and Ramsey Station until we reached the Ramsey Cutoff. There we turned right and followed the cutoff to Hwy 95A N where we turned right and headed South to our comfort stop at the junction of Hwy 95A and State Route 339 on the outskirts of Yerington.

Once there we were able to clear up the mystery of our surprisingly leisurely pace up Geiger Grade Road to Virginia City, with no traffic in front of us. It turns out that the 3 bottles of wine the lead Porsche was carrying would clang together at speeds greater than 35 mph around the tight curves of Geiger Grade Rd, forcing us to moderate our pace or risk breakage of these post-luncheon door prizes.

Leaving our comfort stop we proceeded first South and then West on 339 until we passed through the town of Smith. Just beyond Smith we left 339 to swing West on State Route 208 toward Wellington and our lunch stop at the Heyday Inn.

Arriving at the Heyday we parked in the side dirt lot, took a (properly masked if not socially distanced) group picture, and then discovered a 356C parked in front that was not part of our tour. So of course we had to invite its owners Gordon and Jeanie to join our group for lunch. As it turned out Gordon is a long time PCA member and Jeanie and he are frequent diners at the Heyday, but hadn’t known of our Dustoff Tour. Perhaps they’ll join us on one of our future adventures.

The Basque style lunch served at the Heyday was top notch, all you could eat salad, chicken, tri-tip, and pome frites. Following lunch, Pete called out the wining tickets for the 3 bottles of wine. As you can tell from the pictures, a good time was had by all.