Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

On November 8 club members gathered at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner organized by Debbie and John Hertel at the Napa Sonoma dining room. Each volunteer was greeted by Debbie and John with the gift of 2 wine glasses engrave with our Sierra Nevada Region logo and a thank you card for their hard work. The bar tender then filled the glasses with each volunteer’s favorite beverage. Tasty appetizers were also available to nourish the conversation as Sierra Nevada Region’s 2018 events were discussed. Napa Sonoma then placed a wonderful buffet of Pan-Seared King Salmon with White Cranberry Reduction, Chicken Diablo with Linguine, Braised Short Ribs and Pearl Onions, Wild Artisan Rice, Roasted Garlic Potatoes, House Salad with Dressing and Sautéed Seasonal Vegetables. Deserts ended the meal with Delectable Cheesecake with Fresh Berries and Chocolate Decadence Cake. Everyone had a wonderful time, thanks Debbie and John and thank you volunteers whose hard work keep the club going and make for all of our fun events! If you haven’t volunteered join us in the fun by hosting an event, helping at an event or serving as an officer! Each volunteer was recognized and honored by club president Steve Kent. These volunteers were:

2018 Officers

Steve Kent, President

Jim Hemig, Vice President, Website, Concour

Dan Aynesworth, Vice President, Nominating Committee, Concour

Doug Driver, Secretary

Debbie Dell, Treasurer

Karen O’Leary, Membership Chair

Craig Kugler, Past President, Mammoth, High Alpine Tour, Basque Country Drive & Dine, Backroads drive to Rennsport

Deven Hickingbotham, Events Chairman, planning meeting wine social, Aces 4th of July Baseball Game, 2 tech sessions, Tahoe drive, Nakoma drive, Oktoberfest, Holiday Party

Millie Smith, Member at Large, St. Patrick’s Day party

Ozzie Smith, Member at Large, St. Patrick’s Day party

Rich Chew, Webmaster

2018 Events

Renee Hickingbotham, Planning Meeting, Holiday Party, wine social, Aces 4th of July, Tahoe drive, Nakoma drive, Oktoberfest

Karen Vibe, New Member Breakfast

Karen Goodie, New Member Breakfast

Pete Dickinson, Dust Off Tour, Concour

Carol Dickinson, Dust Off Tour, Concour

Jan Bogikes, Monthly Breakfast, Wine Social, Concour

John Bogikes, Monthly Breakfast, Wine Social, Concour

Dick Bottom, Concour Co-Chairman

Marilyn Bottom, Concour

Ragnar Kuehnert, Concour Co-Chairman

Wm King, Concour Safe Haven drive

Diane Rowan, Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary drive

Martin Staubert, Concour

John Strom, Concour, Ghouls Goblins drive

Alice Strom, Concour, Ghouls Goblins drive

John Hertel, Concour, Volunteer Appreciation dinner

Debbie Hertel, Concour, Volunteer Appreciation dinner

Ron Lewis, Concour

Denise Lewis, Concour

Beverly Babcock, Wine drive

Graeme Biaggi, Wine drive

David Morris, Wine social

Caren Morris, Wine social

Rich O’Leary, Concour

Robert McLaughlin, Wings and Wheels road trip, Sonoma Historic Motorsports drive

Jeff Sepahpour, Cioppino Feed

Sherry Sepahpour, Cioppino Feed

Grandma Pat/Gail Bauderer, Concour

Linda Weller, online stories

Steve Simon, Rennsport dinner

Lucette Simon, Rennsport dinner

Mary Lou Kugler, Concour, St. Patrick’s Day party, Rennsport party

Jackie Aynesworth, Rennsport party

Mayla Kent, Nevada Museum of Art wine social, July wine social, Concour