Summer Wine Social Hawaiian Style

A quick rundown:

  1. 21 empty bottles and less than 40 guests.
  2. Special kudos to those that brought Hawaiian hor d’oeuvres – way to take it to the next level!
  3. Tried Rouge Champagne for the first time and it was good.
  4. Congratulations to Zone 7 representative Sandy Provasi for spending two hours on a PCA conference call during the party. Lucky for her that her husband Tom kept running upstairs to refill her glass! True dedication on both parts.
  5. Welcome Case & Becky Boonman who split their time between Reno and The Big Island.  I guess the word has spread about this event.
  6. This event is my primary motivation to clean my garage once a year. Thanks for all that came and we look forward to hosting it again next year!