Shasta Region multi-day tour June 8 – 11, 2018

Shasta Region would like to let you know that they are again offering a multi-day Tour. If you are interested, you should mark your calendars for June 8 – 11. You will need to drive up to the Shasta area the night before. Details to follow in a few weeks.

Registration will be through MotorSport Reg and will open the morning of January 29th.  Participation  will be limited to 54 Porsches and, as in last year’s Tour, will be on a “First Come, First Served” basis. You must drive your Porsche and be a member of Zone 7.

For those who were not able to attended the Zone 7 Tour last June, you missed a great 4 day drive. Here is your chance to try some new roads to the north. Stay tuned for more info from Allen Krohn soon.