Last edition of The Circular

This is the last edition of The Circular.

Beginning December 1st, the newsletter content you are familiar with will be posted directly on a new Sierra Nevada Region website.

This change will make the stories easier to read and events faster to sign up for.

Instead of clicking on the newsletter cover icon to load the entire set of newsletter pages, the stories and photos will be displayed right on the home page for easy reading – on your computer AND your mobile device.

On this new site you’ll find stories about upcoming events, prior event reports, feature stories, photos, President’s report and much more. The new website will also feature a new and improved calendar. The new calendar will let you sign up and pay for events directly from the event page. This will simplify the member sign-up and attendee management process greatly.

The new website will “go live” December 1st and can be found at If you click on this link prior to the December launch, you’ll see the website before it’s finished. But feel free to take a look. We still have more work to do on it but will be ready on December 1st.

Also beginning in December we will be adding more information to the regular “e-blast” emails. These emails will start including links to the stories and photos posted on the website. So you won’t have to check the website for new content – you’ll get regular updates in your email box!

This change as been years in the making. With the high cost of printing and mailing a paper newsletter and the advancements in digital communication, the SNR board decided to transition slowly over the last two years toward a 100% internet-based communication method.

The best part of this process is the cost to set up this new website is very little. SNR member Rich Chew created the website with feedback from a special Communications Committee made up of SNR members. The calendar program and a couple special web page “plug-ins” were purchased, but those are onetime costs and at a fraction of what the printed newsletter cost. We hope you find the new website, calendar and email changes a positive step forward. As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.