Word from the President

One of the joys of being in SNVPCA is keeping up with all of our club friends. We really have an SNV-PCA family. We all discuss and enjoy our travels and sharing the latest about our families.

We were very sad to hear that we lost one of our nicest, most active volunteers, Jack Roberts, who passed away October 18th. It was only a few months ago that Jack and Lois organized our New Member Breakfast, and it was one of the best events of the year with a car show and numerous door prizes. Jack also ran the Goodie Store at Parade in Spokane all week — an incredible amount of work! Once in a while I would see the Roberts’ beautiful 968 in Northwest Reno. Our Club sends heartfelt condolences to Lois.

You may be saying, “SNV? What is he talking about?” As I learned shortly after becoming an officer, our region’s official designation is Sierra Nevada Region-SNV, not the SNR that we often use. A small bit of Club trivia. But this trivia becomes more important because as Rich Chew and Jim Hemig are redesigning our website (using PCA’s master website) we are required to use our official designation — SNV. As of December 1st, the new address will be SNV.PCA.org.

An impressive amount of thought and hard work has been put into the new site. One important feature will be online registration for events. This will be easier for our event hosts as well as club participants. THANK YOU, Rich and Jim!

I hope to see you at the La Vecchia Volunteer Dinner, Thursday, November 9th. We will be honoring all of you — our volunteer officers and event hosts! And it won’t be long until our Holiday Party December 14th. With donations of a Porsche Design leather jacket and $500 from Brian Bolton and additional Club monies, we hope to make it a very special holiday for our Club charity (AMBUCS) through our donation of monies toward handicapped bikes to those in need.

See you there!