Sand Harbor TGIF Evening Picnic (August 26, 2022)

The TGIF get together at Sand Harbor was an evening of spectaculars views, great camaraderie, and even better food. There were many fabulous dishes available but the pulled pork and pulled chicken that Millie brought were mouthwatering and a perfect complement to the homemade buns Debby brought. There were so many other fantastic choices; the bacon wrapped Jalapenos were certainly a hit and Sandy’s chocolate chip cookies disappeared in a hurry. With all the tasty treats available it was a challenge to eat with the distractions of interesting conversations and dramatic views. The setting was glorious, the weather was phenomenal, and we even had a few waders. A great way to top off a week and start a weekend; Porsches, panoramas, pulled pork, pastries, and of course the people.

Dave & Jennifer Shelton