Porsches & Pastries at Larry’s Gourmet Coffee Drive and Road Runner Cafe Brunch, June 3, 2023

While Porsches and pastries may seem like an unlikely pair, they do both offer a
sense of indulgence and pleasure that can brighten anyone’s day. We had beautiful
weather and an even better turn out. We started off with some of the best coffee from
Larry’s Gourmet Coffee House in Dayton Nevada. Had over 35 cars and over 50 people
join that morning. It wrapped up around 10:45am with a drive meeting. At 11:00am we
hit the road. Our first stop was Fort Churchill State Park. It was green and lush. We left
that stop shortly after and headed to Weed Heights to visit the former Anaconda
Copper Mine. Took a PCA group photo and took in some of the sights. Then continued
on our drive thru Mason Valley Loop. Stopped for fuel and then continued back to
Dayton for a late brunch at the Road Runner Cafe. The food was great. Would like to
thank everyone that attended and took time out of there day to come and hangout with
us and fellow SNV-PCA members. Hosts: Matthew and Mat