Oktoberfest by Stephen Kent

Despite a torrent of rain, ice and snow 24 hardy Sierra Nevada Region PCA members gathered Saturday, September 28, 2019 at Von Bismarck (805 S. Wells Ave) in Reno for our annual Oktoberfest. The SNR group was moved inside to 3 large tables.  We started off agreeing that we were all shocked by how quickly summer had left and winter had arrived.  We then proceeded with sampling Von Bismarck’s large list of German and Belgian beers, wine and cocktails under the watchful eye of Count Von Bismarck who’s commanding portrait hung over the bar.  Von Bismarck lived up to its reputation as a cool hip restaurant and bar drawing influence from Germany and Eastern Europe.  Our appetizers included barbequed artichokes, cucumber salad, and house pretzel balls with quark cheese.  Then our waiters brought out the biggest wooden platters filled with several varieties of sausage, potatoes, sauerkraut, squash and roast duck that I think I have ever seen for each table. After eating as much as we could Von Bismarck handed out containers and we took home lots of food for leftovers. Dessert was a warm round roll like a donut. Everyone left happy with our new venue.