In the Zone, by Colin Fat

In The Zone

April 2020

By: Collin Fat, Zone 7 Representative

Sacramento Valley Region



Coronavirus Update:

I am sure all of you have been inundated with news concerning the coronavirus pandemic and perhaps what PCA is advising its members and regional clubs. On Thursday, March 12th, PCA issued a memo to all region presidents recommending several steps they can take to prevent the spread of the virus as well as to protect the health and safety of our members. The safety of our members is the club’s number one priority.

Currently, large scale national events such as Treffen Broadmoor and Parade are still scheduled. Treffen has extended the cancellation deadline for up to 24 hours before the event giving a registered participant a refund. Parade has extended the cancellation deadline to June 15, 6 days before the event. Members who are currently registered for these events will likely be contacted directly by the event organizer notifying them of cancellations and updated refund policies. On the other hand, many regional events have been cancelled throughout Zone 7 including the Zone Concours Judging School, Concours event #1 hosted by Diablo Region and others. The club race program and Golden Gate Region HPDE program is proceeding as planned as these events have a higher threshold for community transmission. However, this could change depending on the circumstances. The pandemic is fast moving and evolving and you can expect region club events such as dinners, tech sessions and other large group gatherings with more than 250 participants to alter their schedules or cancel events.

PCA advises that each region adhere to recommendations issued by the CDC and WHO. A summary of those recommendations are as follows:

PCA National mitigation activities:

We have appointed Cindy Jacisin, PCA Vice President, to be our point person for COVID-19 responses. Cindy has a similar role in her professional life with a major corporation and is well equipped to guide resolution of related concerns.
National does not foresee sending a blanket email to all members at this time. Because the situation varies greatly by local areas, any communication on PCA mitigation efforts is best served from a regional perspective.
PCA is addressing each of our large, national events such as Porscheplatz, Club Racing events, Treffen and Parade. Our staff is being informed on how to respond with improved personal hygiene awareness and supplies. The ongoing plans for each event are being handled on a case by case basis with consideration for the amount of social interaction expected, travel concerns and local area disease control guidance.
The upcoming Treffen event in Colorado remains on the calendar but we have revised the registrant cancellation policy so that any registrant can cancel at any time with a full refund. This has the primary effect of allowing each registrant to decide for themselves whether to attend while simultaneously conveying that any registrant who is ill will have no financial loss pressure for attending.
Each event for which we must adjust registration or occurrence has a financial impact which the PCA Executive Council carefully evaluates to ensure we can meet our financial obligations in all cases up to and including cancellation of the event.
Be assured that our PCA insurance covers national and regional leadership from claims of negligence with respect to our operations and the coronavirus.
Member health and safety is our number one concern and we will do our best to help mitigate the spread of the virus at our events.

Region operational recommendations:

Stress with your leadership teams that member health and safety is our number one concern that guides all decisions and plans.
Follow closely the guidance from national and local area public health and government organizations. Guidance from these organizations supersedes all other guidance.
For events on your calendar:
Include backup plans for your core volunteer staff in case someone calls in sick.
Encourage staff and members to not show up to events if they are ill.
Add personal hygiene supplies to your event kits.
Include clear communications before and during the event for exercising personal hygiene and respecting personal space.
Be liberal with your cancellation policies.
If you are contemplating cancellation of an event, be diligent in understanding the financial consequences. If local expertise is not available, our national COVID-19 POC, Cindy Jacisin, can assist in evaluation of contract cancellation penalties and options.

Recommendations on member communications:

Member health and safety is our number one concern.
Stay informed and follow your own personal guidance with respect to event participation.
When contemplating participation in an upcoming event, please consider the health of other participants. If you are ill, have traveled recently to a highly infected area, or have been in close contact with someone known to have the virus or the flu, then please stay home.
Exercise elevated personal hygiene and personal space etiquette as is recommended thru all public health information organizations

As stated above, national is leaving the decision to cancel or postpone events up to each region and is encouraging all regions to look after the number one mission of the club, our member’s health and safety.