Holiday Party (December 16)

The Sierra Nevada Region held their annual Holiday Party at the Red Hawk Event Center on Wednesday, December 16th!  What at fun time it was as we have had far too few opportunities to enjoy each others company in 2020. Although masks were required, except while seated, most of us were still able to recognize each other without resorting to reading name tags. We note that the Event Center is a large indoor venue that can hold up to 300, so there was more than adequate space for social distancing. With only 40 attendees and seated 4 to a table, club members occupied less than half the tables set up for dining.

During the cocktail hour that preceded dinner, we busied ourselves in arranging the charity donations we had brought, purchasing tickets, and allocating our tickets to the donations we hoped to win in the drawings later that evening.

When it was time for dinner, each table was called one at a time to proceed to the buffet table to select their cut of prime rib and assemble their plates. Rather a slow process, but safer, with only 4 club members present at the buffet table at any one time. Before, throughout and after dinner, we were  entertained by a guitarist playing Christmas carols.


Dinner was followed by the presentation of a Gift to our 2019-2020 club president Millie Smith. Our 2017-2018 past president Steve Kent did the honors in purchasing and presenting Millie with a PCA jacket and a card signed by all the members present. Millie was so pleased with her gift that the club was able to persuade her to continue as club president in 2021-2022. It could be that the wine she enjoyed with dinner was a positive factor in her decision to continue?

After the gift presentation, Ron Lewis provided us with a brief description of our charity OMBUCS and then introduced Pete Dickson as our MC for the charity donation drawings. Ably assisted by the lovely Carol Lytle, Pete keep us laughing as he channeled his inner Don Rickles in first announcing and then insulting the drawing winners. Multiple winners seemed to be the primary targets of his wit. Somehow I ended up winning two of the 30 minute hourglasses (donated by Porsche of Reno) that I did not bid on. Is it possible that a couple of the baskets holding donation tickets were switched from their original locations?

Midway through the drawings, Pete put on his auctioneer hat to auction off a Deven Hickingbotham photo donated by Rene Zupon. Ron Lewis was the winning bidder in the auction, taking home Deven’s long exposure photo of Sugar Bowl’s annual Torchlight Parade. This was an amazing result to some of us as we had never known Ron to spend more that $3 on anything. All kidding aside … nice job Ron.

Taken together the auction and drawing ticket sales brought in a total of $1250. The club will add our PCA National charity refund and additional club monies to this to bring the total AMBUCS contribution to a nice even $2100.

With the drawings concluded we packed up our winnings, said our farewells, and made our ways home. This concluded our club events for 2020 and hopefully, with COVID vaccines newly available, the SNR club will be able to do much more in 2021 than we were able to do in 2020.

Thanks to the Zeisings (John and Kim) for picking up the corkage fees for the bottles of wine we brought.

Thanks again to the Zeisings and to the Hertels (Debbie and John) for planning and the setup of our 2020 Holiday Party.

Thanks to all who so generously donated items for the charity drawings.