Last Summer 2019 Wine Social – Farewell to Debbie & Harry Dell

The last wine social of the year, September 12, was hosted by John and Jan Bogikes at their lovely home on Lake Stanley.

This event also marked the club’s official farewell to Harry and Debbie Dell. Sadly for us, the Dells have moved to Arizona to be closer to their son and teenage granddaughters. They promise to come back to visit, so we won’t be too surprised if they turn up at a wine social or another club event, once in a while.

For those that didn’t know Debbie, Debbie functioned as our club treasurer for some 20 years and her presence at our monthly board meeting and knowledge of our club financial history will be greatly missed. She harkens back to the days when our club and budget were much smaller, occasionally relating that prior treasurers used to submit the monthly treasurer’s report on the back of brown paper bag and advising that it took many years to build our club finances up to where they are today. Rest assured Debbie, we won’t let our club finances slide back to those earlier levels. Before she left, Debbie was most diligent in transitioning her treasurer responsibilities and the club bank accounts to our new treasurer, Barry Rosenthal, CPA. In appreciation for her years of service to our club, we were pleased to present Debbie with a caricature portrait of the Dells with their dog Roxie and in the background their beloved 996 Porsche.

Debbie and Harry were regulars at our wine socials and attended most of our other events. They are avid fast-draw competitors, attending contests throughout the western United States, where they are better known as “Viper” and “Dirty Harry”. In earlier days the Dells enjoyed skiing at the resorts around Lake Tahoe. For many years, until recently, they maintained a power boat and spend many summers on Lake Tahoe, including boat camping at Emerald Bay.

Here are a few more photos, all by Alice Strom. Can you tell we’re having a good time?