Brown’s Creek Trail Hike (September 22) by Dick Bottom

Club members Dick Bottom and Debbie and John Hertel organized a hike in the Mount Rose area just above Galena Forest, as something different the club could participate in, outdoors, while observing social distancing. The following is Dick’s description of that event.

The smoke took a reprieve and the sun was brightly shining to warm the cool morning. It was a perfect day for a hike when seven SNR members and a 150 lb Malamute named Maverick (Barry Rosenthal’s family member) assembled at the Brown’s Creek Trail Head.   After everyone was briefed about hike and, with John and Debby Hertel at the front and Dick Bottom as the sweep, we headed out across the Joy Lake Road to access the trail.  The trail is spoon shaped totaling 4.8 miles.   It begins with a 1.25 mile handle leg which eventually connects into a 2.3 mile loop.  The initial leg, heading into the loop, is a moderate climb and perfect on a cool morning, allowing everyone to warm up.  After a short distance into the hike, everyone was paired up and lots of conversation accompanied the climb up to the loop.

Just before reaching the loop, we took a short detour on a spur trail to vista point for a view of Washoe Valley and took in an informational display about the history of Sundown Town.  After a rest, we returned to the main trail and shortly arrived at the top of the loop.  Here we started down a trail that eventually leads to the Brown Creek Crossings.  On arrival we found a very active creek full of water and vegetation. The coolness of the two crossings was refreshing for everyone to include the shade among the pine and aspen trees along the bottom and sides of the canyon.

Exiting the creek crossings started our climb up to finish off the loop.  With great conversations in progress, no one seemed to mind the upward climb coming out of the loop.  Upon finishing the loop we found ourselves back on the trail’s entrance leg and an easy downhill hike back to the trail head to finish up. Overall it took 2.5 hours to complete the hike and our hiking conversations lingered on at the trailhead for another half hour.  Although a non-Porsche event, it was a very enjoyable morning filled with lots of natural beauty, exercise and wonderful conversations.